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JEFF LEEDY - Biography

Jeff Leedy is recognized as one of the top humorous artists in the country. Through outdoor art shows, collectors, numerous gallery accounts and the licensing of his images onto products, he has built a national following. In his book, "Are You Laughing At My Art?", he devotes a full page to why he is funny. It says,

You see, God gave me this strange set of contact lenses,

and this is how I see life."

One of Leedy's life goals has been to spread laughter in the world. Because of his fun-loving connection with people who come to enjoy and purchase his work he and Elaine, his wife and business partner, chose self-publishing to maintain that special connection.  In 1988 Leedy introduced his now-famed "Demando Cat" at the premier Sausalito Arts Festival. Cat lovers four-deep screamed, "I must have that print -- that's my cat!"

Since then, Leedy has self-published a myriad of open and limited edition prints, including his best-selling "Counsel Approaching the Bench," a courtroom scene which depicts two shark finds heading toward the judge.  As he began to devote more and more of himself to his fine art -- Leedy's humor was out of the barn. "After I have an idea that's really funny and true, I picture the scene and characters from that visual library in my mind.  Then I promise myself: first, that I will strive to make each piece as artistically satisfying as I can, and second, to have as much fun as I can.  Then, it happens.  My art is me."

Born in New York at a very early age, Leedy was enrolled by his father at age 12 in the venerable Art Student's League in New York City. After earning his BFA degree in 1962 at Syracuse University School of Fine Art, he was back drawn to New York City where he spent 15 years in advertising where he was told, "It's the most fun you can have with your clothes on."

He worked with top ad agencies, such as Young & Rubicam, creating TV and print campaigns and picking up a prized Clio and other awards along the way.  In 1974 he relocated and fell in love with Sausalito's waterfront charm. He and Elaine opened their first humor gallery called Art That Makes You Laugh in 1998. For 12 years, it was a destination spot for tens of thousands of tourists and locals.

The year 2000 brought another move -- this time to the stunning Mendocino Coast. Each day felt like an honor to live there.  In time, they opened their second Art That Makes You Laugh on the waterfront of Mendocino which mirrored the charm and character of the Sausalito flagship gallery.  Time and circumstances changed again in 2006. Jeff, Elaine and their bearded collie, Picasso, relocated to Horseshoe Bay, TX to be closer to both family, and to the myriad of shows Jeff still enjoys. "Instead of the ocean, we now live on a golf course. We have a 300 yard lawn, and the resort mows 295 yards of it."

In 2012 Jeff, Elaine and their new beardie MeMe moved to Boise, ID for a host of reasons and are now enjoying their new environs among trees, foliage, snow, rivers and more moderate summer heat waves. It's a journey.

Now with almost 70 images in print and over 250,000 of his works sold all over the world, Leedy is going digital by putting his humor on numerous websites, new screensavers and soon to come an original video series.  His digital humor, known as The Funday Sunnies, reaches far out into cyber-space -- a fitting place for a far-out guy.

Are you laughing at my art?  Well good. You look like you could use a laugh!"

Testimonials of Jeff's  Fine Art Humor

Recently I acquired one of your pieces entitled "Oh Please! Oh Please! Oh Please!". Having a dog who can't wait until his bowl is put down, this brings me so much pleasure as it does to all who see it.  I'd just like to say how honored I am to have one of your works and how much of a chuckle I get every time I look at it. It never gets "old". 

-----Phoenix B.  San Francisco, Ca.

Jeff.. I have one of your pieces that I bought at your studio in Sausalito many years ago ("Breakfast Cat"). It is one of my prize possessions. Thank you for your talent and your humor!       
----John T
Thanks!!! You’ve made my work day much more difficult now. All I want to do is not touch my computer so I can watch the screensaver! :)
----Olga N.

We met Jeff at the Art Festival in Kansas City, Missouri. It was immediately evident that Jeff's sense of humor was every bit as screwy as ours. We love Jeff's art.  We're totally dog people and spoil our 2 Goldens rotten. Keep up the great work, Jeff
----Matt & Janice L

My Husband and I just purchased our 6th ltd. edition giclee. We put a couple in our guest bath which gets giggles. We also have (had) the book on our coffee table but the dog ate it.
----Barbara PK

My smile worked its way through his exhibition at an art fair. The bathroom print now works our smile muscles and those on the other end ... His humor is addictive.
----Barbara K

Please continue creating funny and feel great art! I do laugh out loud and have the biggest grin on my face!   Blessed Be,
----Kristy S

I first saw Jeff Leedy's art at Sausalito. I've had to exercise some restraint in acquiring his work lest I come to need a larger home.
-----Jordan R, San Francisco

I'm a Leedy art addict.  Not long ago I purchased " I Don't Do Windows" a 3'x4' giclee on canvas.  Last week I returned home to find the sun reflecting off a glass tabletop on to the painting. I became faint and dropped to my knees in front of this wonderful piece of art. Thank you Jeff.
----- Phil G.

When things just don't work out....  when my goals go unfulfilled, I usually sit down in front of my favorite piece of Leedy art and I feel much better. 
----Mitt Romney

"Jeff's work is on my wall at home, on my wall at Facebook. Love this man and his work!"
----Camie F.

Several years ago, I was introduced to your amazing talent and humor on a trip to Mendocino.  That Gallery was great!  And, seeing your art upfront and personal was a joy.  Sincerest thanks for bringing laughter to us all,
----- Diane  L. 

I bought Jeff's "Heaven" for my husband and now he spends even more time in the john. We both love it."
----Jane C.  Atlanta

"Visited Jeff's gallery in Mendocino and bought a lot of his great art. Some as gifts, some for us. Very fun."
----Robert J., Louisville

"Bought Jeff's art in Sausalito last century - loved his gallery and how colorful and funny his art is. Is he really that weird?."
----Yani R.   

JEFF LEEDY - Biography
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