Art That Makes You Laugh® by Jeff Leedy


Welcome to Art That Makes You Laugh


       You have stumbled unwittingly into the strange mind and artistic hand of Jeff Leedy, that's me,and the art of my off center personality.  I create Art That Makes You Laugh®.


       As I create Art That Makes You Laugh, I skewer such subjects as "Counsel Approaching the Bench" for lawyers, and great humorous fine art for doctors, dentists, realtors, investment advisors (not Bernie), brokers, corporate executives, accountants, firemen, plumbers, tax professionals nurses, hygienists, winophiles and others.


       But work is not everything.  I also create humor about skiing, snowboarding, golf (I feel your pain) wine (ahh, no pain) and uh-oh, middle age.  And I'm searching for new topics as we speak.  I already have dogs and cats well-represented in my humorous art.


       Some really treasure my self-published book, "Are You Laughting at My Art?"  I'm told by those customers who have my book, "Oh yes, it really did get me laughing.  And thank you."

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